Bread, the foodstuff par excellence of humankind, has evolved in turn based on the progress made in our dietary habits and lifestyles. The industry must take account of this and must therefore design and manufacture machinery capable of meeting the segmented, exacting and selective demand of end users.

In fact, our bread-baking machinery is designed and manufactured to meet the demand of end users as well as that of our production clients, to whom we guarantee an efficient support service. In addition to the above, we offer oven equipment, bread-making supplies, including for retailers and wholesalers.

The bread-making process is complex, delicate and now more than ever before, in a context that is attentive to correct and healthy eating, it must be supported by knowledgeable craftsmanship combined with a perfect industrial process.

Our machinery, equipment and supplies for bakeries cover all the phases of the bread-making process, from mixing, through leavening to baking, are carefully respected, to produce an end product with high organoleptic qualities. A range of highly reliable industrial solutions that comply with EC standards and are guaranteed by EL BAZ.